3 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps For Android

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Streaming Apps are considered best because of the high-quality display. People love watching the news, serials, movies, and dramas on Streaming Apps, but some people love watching live sports. The apps showing live sports are famous, but most people don’t use them for this purpose, so most apps carrying this power are underestimated, and our article will fill power in them.

Streaming Apps that have the power to show live sports are used for streaming movies, but people don’t explore those apps to find sports. This article will reveal those apps today. We’ll share the most powerful apps used for watching live sports. With these apps, you can watch baseball, cricket, football, hockey, and every other available sport like tennis and golf. These apps have enough power to stream everything and now, let’s not make you wait.

I am about to reveal the apps used for watching live sports. Each app has some PROS and CONS because everything can never be perfect. You have to face some advantages and disadvantages with every app you use for watching your favorite sports.

3 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps For Android

So below is the list of the 3 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps For Android. You can watch your favorite game’s live scores, live matches, and upcoming news related to that game. 

  1. Mobdro
  2. 365 Scores
  3. ESPN

These 3 apps are only designed to publish sports news. Everything related to sports is shared on these apps. You only need an Android Phone with the latest specs or an Android TV box like the ones reviewed here, and a simple install can keep your eyes on the sports you love. Now, what are the PROS and CONS of using these apps? We’ll mention them right now. We’ll review every single app step by step, making it easier for you to pick the right app. 

Every person has a different perspective on viewing sports. Some people only want to view live scores, and others want to watch the complete match. The 3 apps we mentioned carry both features, but which one suits you cannot be answered because you can access your perspective. So let’s start digging about these apps without further ado.


Mobdro is the first Android App on our list hosting sports streams. It is a famous app that millions of people love to watch sports. Mobdro allows every user to create an account and host streams. It is used by millions of people from different countries and locations. Every type of person uses Mobdro because Mobdro is accessible to almost everyone. Not just the English language, but Chinese, French, and some other nationals use this app to host live streams.

To find sports of your choice, you need to explore the app. Mobdro has given a search bar to find things suitable for you. This app is messed up with endless streams, so finding the right stream is your art. You have to keep your eyes open to find a suitable stream. Some streamers host the same sports, but the language is different because people from different countries also stream them. So it depends on your way to finding the right match. Overall, Mobdro is a popular app having millions of active users. Finding the sports of your choice is possible on Mobdro. That’s all. 

Mobdro is an app designed by 3rd developers. Hence, it isn’t available on Google Play Store officially. You have to download this app from a 3rd party website like APK Pure, APK Monk, or ATOZ APK. Downloading stuff from ATOZ APK is easy, and my vote goes with this website because it’s a simple website with a normal interface that is easy to understand by users. Make sure to visit this website if you want to download Mobdro on your Android Device. 

365 Scores

365 Scores is one of the best android apps for watching live sports. 365 Scores has an official website where everything is listed. All types of scores, including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Hockey, and Tennis, are mentioned. 365 Scores lists the scores of these games on their website’s main page. You don’t have to explore this website to find scores because its main page is well covered.

Now that was an introduction to this website, but how is its Android App? This question will be answered right now. Its team officially launched 365 Scores. On just Google Play Store, 365 Scores carries more than 50 Million Downloads. You can calculate the power of 365 Scores. Why do 50 Million people use 365 Scores? The answer is simple. 365 Scores has provided the best Android App for sports lovers.

People wanting to watch live scores online use 365 Scores because the results are clear, and it takes no time to load the score of your favorite game. If you love watching Football scores live, 365 Scores provides a clear direction on its app. This app refreshes automatically. You don’t have to explore or reopen the same pages. When you want to see the scores again, you can refresh that page to see what’s happening live. You don’t have to close and open the app to find the latest news. Several other features are available in 365 Scores which I am leaving you to explore.

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When there were no other channels, ESPN was the one to provide its services. ESPN is an ancient channel providing its services for decades. When I was a child, I watched live sports on ESPN. Every sports-related stuff was viewed on ESPN because it was the best channel on the planet. When ESPN gained enough popularity, it launched its app on android.

This ESPN app also carries the same 50 Million Downloads as 365 Scores. ESPN is the best app, but its Free Services are limited to just scores. You must purchase a paid subscription to explore your favorite sports’ live footage. Now its paid subscription isn’t that pricey. You can easily purchase its paid service because you have only to pay $7 per month to enjoy its paid service. And when you purchase its paid subscription, you don’t face interruptions of commercials and offers. 

Wrapping It Up

So these were the 3 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps For Android. I have reviewed the first 3 because installing any of these apps will not let you feel the usage of other apps. You can view everything on these apps. You can drop a comment if you have any questions related to these apps. Till that, take care and enjoy watching your favorite sports.

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