The 2022 Premier Lacrosse League Championship

The 2022 Premier Lacrosse League Championship


Almost coming to an end, the 2022 campaign of the Premier Lacrosse League Championship has been full of exciting fixtures. The season, which started back in June and will run till September, has had fans entertained as teams battled from the first day till the final stages. The league has now reached the playoffs stage with the remaining qualified teams scheduled to play a quarterfinals match. Three teams will advance to the semifinals to join table leaders, the Whipsnakes, to compete for a place in the championship final.

History and Origins of Premier Lacross League

The Premier Lacrosse League was founded in 2018 by professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil and his brother, Mike Rabil, but did not start its first season until 2019. The league consists of eight teams, who play games over a 14-week period, with the championship final game being the last matchup. In the short existence of the league, the Whipsnakes have dominated the league with their quality, winning two Premier Lacrosse League titles, which is the most of any other team in the league.

The only other team who has won the title alongside the Whipsnakes are Chaos, who won the title in 2021. With Matt Rambo leading the attack of the Whipsnakes, they are already in the driving seat to win the 2022 title, as they are at the top of the table and have already qualified for the semifinals. However, they will not have the title that easily, as there are also other contenders for the title, like Chrome. Chaos, on the other hand, are having a very disappointing campaign as they sit just above the last team on the table.

Premier Lacross League is growing in popularity

As lacrosse is becoming an increasingly popular sport, the Premier Lacrosse League is also gaining massive popularity as fans and enthusiasts of the sport keep increasing. Viewership has increased in percentage, with the league witnessing record views of its games. 

However, the game has not always been very popular. Since the 1980s, lacrosse has been played at a professional level in North America, but it has had difficulty breaking into the general public’s consciousness outside of the college game. Being the fifth-oldest professional sports league in the country, the National Lacrosse League plays host to the indoor version of the game. Even having found some stability, indoor lacrosse has never had the same impact as outdoor lacrosse in the United States, in terms of coverage and viewership. However, all that changed when the Major Lacrosse League was formed in 2001.

In the United States, lacrosse has been a sport with talent dispersed across numerous leagues and a gradually increasing fan base. A merger, which was carried out in December 2020, completely changed the sport.

The Premier Lacrosse League was quick to suppress the Major Lacrosse League, which lasted 20 years. This gave the outdoor form of the sport a single professional entity. Lacrosse, and potentially all professional sports, now have a new model thanks to the Premier Lacrosse League. Since they all have a stake in the league, the players themselves organize and run it.

What is the format of the Premier Lacrosse League?

The Quarterfinals of the Premier Lacrosse League are set to take place on September 3, 2022, with exciting fixtures scheduled. Betting professionals and experts have done their calculations and have come up with different outcomes for the game, predicting favorites and providing odds for the quarterfinal stage.

The fixtures and odds for the quarterfinals according to the best sportsbook in the US are as follows: The first game will see Chaos, with +155 odds, face Chrome, with -200 odds. The second game will see the Redwoods, with +135 odds, face the Archers, with -175 odds. That quarterfinal game will be played between the Water Dogs with +120 odds and Atlas with -155 odds. All the quarterfinals’ matchups will take place at the Gillette Stadium, a multipurpose stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

As the teams face themselves in what is sure to be an intriguing quarterfinal round, they will all try to showcase their quality and skill and advance to the semifinals, where they will meet the all-time Champions – Whipsnakes, who have already sealed their place in the semifinals. Fans can only cheer on their favorite teams, as the playoffs will commence in early September.

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