Why A Career Guide Plays An Important Role In A Student’s Career

Why A Career Guide Plays An Important Role In A Student's Career


Education is a crucial part of human life. It enables us to learn things around us and make decisions based on those learnings. Due to a lack of guidance, many students often feel confused and demotivated as they can’t figure out the right career path. They usually follow what their friends and family suggest without considering their own ideas. Unfortunately, they regret their decisions a few years later and realize they chose the wrong career path, which often leads to stress. Thankfully parents and students can avoid that by seeking career guidance from career professionals that assess one’s interests in a particular field and guide them towards the necessary steps like which exams are necessary, which colleges to choose and what scholarships they can apply for. Now, look at four reasons why a career guide plays a vital role in a student’s career. 

Not to follow the crowd, but make own decisions

Many students today are clueless about which career path they need to choose. They have no idea if you ask them what they want to become when they grow up. This happens because most students have no guidance in choosing a career path. They often fall prey to the opinions of others and pressure themselves to follow what their siblings and friends did. This mindless following happens due to the inability to understand how their career choice will affect their future and those around them in the coming years. Instead of following the crowd, career guidance empowers students to know their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to pursue a career they will continue to like even after years. The guidance helps them to focus on their interests, strengths and abilities rather than the opinions and suggestions of others. 

Without a well-thought career map, students feel lost after their graduation. But that is when parents must take the initiative and help students seek professional career advice. It will help them construct a mental map of their future and create a career of their choice without following the herd. For example, a student who has a keen interest in becoming a pilot can pursue a planned career path with the help of a career advisor. On the other hand, a student with no set career in mind will aimlessly follow others’ advice. 

It narrows down the options

Thanks to the massive internet penetration, abundant information is available to seek career guidance. But there’s a catch: information can expand your horizon, but it also confuses you with many options. You’d be surprised to know that there are more than 250 career choices that students can choose from. But how would they choose the right one? They need to know what kind of work they want to do for the coming years without feeling stressed. They need to know what interests they have and which career path they can choose that will turn their interests into a career. The career advisors help students to assess their interests, abilities and talent to choose a career path that would be best for them. Once they choose a career option, there are steps that one needs to follow to make the best of their decision. As confusion is one of the main reasons why students struggle to choose a career, career counsellors help reduce that confusion by narrowing down the options and lowering the irrelevant and unnecessary career choices.  

The students get a customized and filtered list of career options based on their interests, financial capacity and earning possibilities. Suppose your kid has a keen interest in science. In that case, there are still plenty of career choices that they can choose, and this is when the narrowing down part helps them to choose a career path that will flourish their interest in science and follow a career that would give them satisfactory growth and a happy lifestyle. 

It provides a well-thought career map for the future.  

People use Google maps to navigate through confusing lanes and busy streets to reach their destination. The map helps you avoid road obstructions, accidents, and road works and help you reroute your way to get to the goal on time. Career guidance works the same way. It provides a detailed map for your kid’s career with all the necessary milestones and the ideal way to reach their destination. Your kid receives a plotted career map that will guide them towards success.  

Parents often aren’t aware of career counseling or underestimate its importance altogether. They guide their kids on the typical career path based on their own experiences and knowledge, which often goes from school to college to graduation. But when the students graduate with a diploma or degree, they are not sure what to do next. They feel lost because their entire education journey was not based on their interest but on their parents’, friends or relatives’ advice. But when professional career advice creates a career map for your kid, they consider your kid’s interests, learning capacity, and prospects. It is a highly effective and necessary step in your kid’s life as they won’t feel lost or regret their decision when they graduate. The educational journey will reflect their career path.  

Prepare your kid for their career

Career guidance isn’t limited to telling you what to do. It also includes taking the necessary steps and initiatives to prepare your kid for their career. For example, if your kid is interested in sports and wants to make a career, they must undergo the necessary training and be physically and mentally fit. Career mapping puts the foundation to prepare your kid for their career. Though a student spends several years learning, they do not know what goes on at an office or workplace. They are unaware of what responsibilities and roles they will play at the company, which often sends them down a spiral of self-doubt. To avoid that, the advisors prepare them for what is coming. They know the ins and outs of various occupations and guide the students on how companies work and what role they would be playing. It also tells them a roadmap of growth in the company and how they can climb the ladder of success. 

In a time where there’s no information scarcity, making the right career choice is essential. Your current choices define your future. Therefore going on their own may not be the right choice as students are exposed to only a handful of career choices. Career counselors can guide them to know their choices and choose a relevant, suitable and satisfactory career.

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