5 Self-Help Books For the Money-Minded

5 Self-Help Books For the Money-Minded


Self-help books are like marmite. For some of us, their attempts to counsel us on how to live our lives by offering up self-evident advice as guru-grade insight is nothing short of obnoxious. Others, however, appreciate how they perfectly summarise our issues and shortcomings, providing simple solutions to change our lives in positive ways. Whether from a self-help book or otherwise, when it comes to financial matters, we could all use the help. For those chasing a millionaire destiny, we have gathered five of the best self-help books on the market to consider reading.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker 

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is all about reframing the way you think to that of the “rich” mindset. Eker explores how your upbringing and the patterns you observe from your parents’ management of finances from an early age influence how you deal with money.

The Millionaire Fastlane, by M.J. DeMarco

DeMarco’s book is often cited as another great one for aspiring millionaires. In it, he claims that most never achieve millionaire status because all the traditional routes to wealth don’t work. The Millionaire Fastlane may be for you if you feel that you’re withering away in a job you dislike, or you have always fancied yourself as an entrepreneur and want to make millions but have no idea where to start with any of this.

DeMarco posits that failing to plan ahead is most people’s biggest shortcoming when it comes to creating wealth. He talks about the risks of constantly splurging on gratifications like expensive dinners and lavish material items.

The 10x Rule, by Grant Cardone

As you might’ve guessed, the core principle of this book is that you need to times everything you do with money by ten. If you invest, invest ten times more. Aspire to reach ten times further than anyone else to achieve your goals.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is the No.1 best-selling book in the “Budgeting and Money Management” section on Amazon. In his research, Hill looked at over 40 millionaires to unearth how they forged their success and used their methodology as the basis for this book. 

Hill looks at a huge plethora of success stories from various fields, using their ideologies and experiences to inject this book with several fascinating perspectives and help you build mini habits and transform your life.

The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham

Unsurprisingly, The Intelligent Investor is about investing. This book will give you a solid understanding of contemporary financial theories, so you can invest sensibly and minimise the risk of losing money. 

Although Graham first outlined this approach to investment in the stock market back in 1949, his concepts still stand in today’s investment world.


Of course, you could read every book on the market about getting rich, to no avail. However, the small selection of books outlined in the list above is a good starting point for people who are monetarily driven. We hope that, if nothing else, you are inspired by the works of these money-savvy authors.

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